Curriculum vitae of Frank Dekker


Position applied for: First Officer Executive Jet





Frank Arnoud Dekker


de Meerpaal 14


3742 HS Baarn


The Netherlands


+ 31 615 424 966 (mobile)


+ 31 355 422 211 (home)


fly at frankdekker dot nl (contact)




Date of birth:

23 June 1985

Place of birth:

Baarn, Netherlands

Marital status:





1997 - 2003

VWO (A-levels), graduated gymnasium at “Het Baarnsch Lyceum”, Baarn.



2003 - 2005

graduated Ab Initio at the NLS, the Netherlands - Part of CAE.


Integrated JAR-FCL ATPL Course including frozen ATPL, CPL, ME, IR, NQ.


Aviation security training, VFR&IFR R/T.




(single engine)

Socata TB-200 Tobago

37:00 hrs PIC

33:00 hrs dual

(single engine)

Socata TB-20 Trinidad

47:15 hrs PIC

27:50 hrs dual

(single engine)

Cessna 172

25:00 hrs PIC

02:00 hrs dual

(twin engine)

Piper P-34 Seneca V

16:20 hrs PIC

07:20 hrs dual






TB-20 Tobago

20:30 hrs PIC

20:00 hrs dual


PA-34 Seneca

07:30 hrs PF

07:30 hrs PNF


Boeing 737-300 (MCC)

18:30 hrs PF

18:30 hrs PNF


Total flying hours




Total flight simulator hours




Working Experience


2007 - Present

KLM engineering & maintenance hangar; at the incoming goods/expedition. Recently  active as production planner for heat exchangers and the service team.

2005 - Present

Organising round trips with a Cessna 172.


Via my website I arranged round trips, photo flights and test courses. I did flights like wedding proposals in the air; trips as first prize of a lottery and many trips with friends, family and familiars as well.

1997 – present

Volunteer at the Dutch Air Scout Group; head of the team of leaders since 2004, responsible for 20 children between 7 & 16 years old, entertaining them with principles of flight, lectures, recognition, games and model aeroplanes - balsa wood, plastic, powered line- and remote control models.


Other working experience


2006 - 2007

Scouting Netherlands National Service Centre; at the Scout Shop, at administration (insurance & donations) and at the info centre. Also helping out since 1999 during holidays.

2001 - 2005

Several jobs, amongst others Royal Confectioners shop, bakery, home for the elderly, cleaning company

1997 - 2002

Delivering weekly newspapers once a week




Fluency in spoken and written Dutch and English

Well known with Windows office 2000 and other computer programs

Drivers licence




Air scouts

Member since 1991 at the Dutch Air Scout Group in Zeist (NL)


Leader since 1997 for about 20 children between 7 & 16 years old


Head of the team of leaders since 2004; responsibilities are amongst others: to lead the weekly meetings in the best ways possible, be first contact with parents and the board, briefings with the leaders before and after the meetings


Running, cycling, ice-skating

Other interests

Music, dancing & reading




Ronald Lafeber (C-Link Pte Ltd – Singapore) Telephone + 65 - 6333 4844  /  Fax + 65 - 6333 4744


Marianne Toorenburgh (Free Lancelot Luchtvaartactiviteitenthe  Netherlands) Telephone +31 - 355771300 / Fax +31 - 35 5771314


Mike Borgers (Stellar Supplies – the Netherlands) Telephone +316 – 51924333

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