Welcome to my flying website.

Since 2005 I am the proud owner of a Commercial Pilots Licence! Now I make crosscountry flights, photography flights and test courses from Hilversum Airfield (EHHV).

I enjoy flying 3 people around in a Cessna 172, showing you your hometown, castles and the palace nearby, or anywhere you like. 

You will enjoy the following: 
- A briefing before the flight 
- A round trip 
- A cup of coffee or tea afterwards 
- 30 minutes ‘groundschool’ before a test course costs 10 euros extra. 

Since September 15th 2008 I work at Denim Air, flying the Fokker 50 as First Officer.

I am available for round trips when I am off duty, according to my scedule which will be online soon. Mail me via the 'contact' page for details of our flight.

Give an extra dimension to your wedding proposal, birthday or wedding: Celebrate it in the sky!

Click here for more (price)information.

I can be reached by telephone:
Frank Dekker, +31 (0)615424966
De Meerpaal 14, 3742 HS Baarn
The Netherlands